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New To CAPS?

Are you new to CAPS? Just need to find a team?

We're happy you're here! We can help you find a team, figure out what division to play in, and help make you a great set of new friends. Whether you're brand new to the world of softball or just new to the DC area - CAPS is a safe, fun place where you can be yourself, play softball and learn new skills. For general information about our league, contact our Secretary. For information about becoming a sponsor for our league, contact our Commissioner.

The Women's Division is comprised of typically 6-8 teams of individuals who identify as women. We're always happy to welcome new players into our softball family. Our Women's Division is a member association of ASANA and our teams have the opportunity to compete at the ASANA World Series every year. For more information about how to join a team, register for the league, or just ask questions, please email the Women's Division Assistant Commissioner.

The Open Division is a member association of NAGAAA. Our division is made up of about 20 teams in different levels of play. Each player is given a rating based on skill. Using NAGAAA guidelines, players are placed into appropriate divisions of play. That means there's no need to worry if you're "good enough" to play. We'll get you rated and placed on a team matching your skill. And many of our players improve over the course of a season! For more information on how to join, get a rating, or find a team, contact the Assistant Commissioner.

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