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Core Values

Respect We value each individual's unique talents, respect their dignity and strive to recognize and enjoy exploring diversity.

Individual Responsibility & Accountability  We each bear individual responsibility and play an important role in reaching a common team goal.  We understand that we are accountable for our actions both on and off the field.

Integrity  We are committed to the highest sense of integrity encompassing every aspect of our behavior.  We strive for high moral character, honor, respect and honesty in all our actions realizing that the strength of a community is based on the integrity of its members.

Service  We support the institutional commitment to understanding our individual and collective responsibility to providing service to our community.  We embrace this spirit of service.

Competitive Spirit & Sportsmanship  Our goal is to win and to excel at the highest level, while acting and competing in a way that reflects our core values.  We are resolved to compete in an atmosphere of respect, fairness, and graciousness among all of our constituencies.

Commitment to Excellence  We maximize our efforts and talents to ensure the success of our program.  We pursue excellence in competition and in our daily lives.  We understand that we are always learning and therefore continue to seek improvement.

Personal Development  We are all students and our league thrives as a learning environment.  We are committed to the education of the mind, body and spirit and view these pursuits as inseparable. 

Strength of Community & Teamwork  We seek to learn from diverse experiences.  We take pride in creating and fostering life-enhancing reciprocal relationships, which lead to a strong and vibrant community. We work collaboratively within a cooperative spirit. 

Pride  We are beneficiaries of a rich tradition forged by the efforts of all those who have come before us.  Our personal and team triumphs add to the growing pride that we share with the community.  Through leadership and spirit, we build on tradition and instill pride that remains throughout a lifetime.

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